10% of all sales for lessons with Alexey and Aki will go to GAVRILOV DANCE, a dance arts program dedicated for children with special needs. 

Alexey and Aki are also founders of GAVRILOV DANCE, a dance arts program dedicated for children with special needs.

Our mission is to provide a structured dance arts program specifically for and dedicated to children with special needs ages 6 and up. We bring years of experience within the disciplines of ballroom dance to our local communities of New Jersey and New York. GAVRILOV DANCE promotes this dance program as well as socially oriented activities that unite families and give children with special needs an opportunity to express their artistic abilities while strengthening their mind and body. In keeping with our strong philosophy of inclusiveness and diversity, we offer mixed ability programs, events and dance arts education to the special needs community.  

The GAVRILOV DANCE program is in effect at various non-profit and private schools in NYC and New Jersey, teaching Ballroom Dance to middle school and high school students.  Private lessons are offered in Hudson and Bergen County New Jersey and NYC.